Best Diaper For Small Baby India 2021

Best Diaper For Small Baby India 2021

  • It has crisscross absorbent sheet which absorbs 7 glasses of urine and spreads it evenly and therefore it is Best Diaper For Small Baby India 2021
  • Diaper does not get heavy because urine does not get collected at one place because of its crisscross absorbent sheet
  • It has stretchable thigh support which prevents thigh gaps and hence prevents leakage
  • Its breathable cotton like cover prevents stuffiness even when used for long hours
  • It comes with cute poko chan designs
  • It is easy to wear
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Best Diaper For Small Baby India 2021

Hello Friends. Today we will be reviewing Best Diaper For Small Baby India 2021. We are already done with Pampers Combo Pack, Medium Size Diapers Pants, and Supples Baby Diaper Pants, Monthly Mega-Box, review. We were asked to review MamyPoko pants. Hence, we will be reviewing the same. 

Let us start with the packing. The packing is very colorful and attractive. On the packing, you will find every piece of information that you need to know before buying this diaper. You can have the price, absorption capacity, and size-related information from the packing from the outer packing.

On the backside of the packing, you will see two very important details. Information about available sizes is on the top side of the packing. Just below that, you will see the information about how to use and change it, in case of need. I must say, on the packing, you will find every piece of information Overall, the packing is very user-friendly. 

Now, let us have a look at the diaper itself. This diaper looks very impressive. The color scheme used and the printing quality is awesome. In order to avoid any confusion regarding the diaper’s front and backside, there are blue lines to separate the front side of the diaper from the backside. In simple words, blue lines indicate the front side of the diaper. 

Moreover, it is clearly mentioned on the diaper, “blue lines in front.” This clearly indicates the front side of the diaper. Now, should you look at the backside, you won’t see any such lines on the backside of the diaper. The texture is a little fluffy. It is a personal opinion. In comparison to other diapers I used recently, this is rather fluffier. From here, you can imagine how heavy it will become after being wet. 

Now, let us talk about the product’s inner texture. The inner surface is very soft. The diaper comes with absorption channels. These absorption channels are quite similar to Pampers Diapers. They had the same absorption channels. Whereas, there were no such channels in Patanjali Shishu Care Diaper.

Next, I would like to talk about the length of the absorption pad (front side). The diaper that I reviewed earlier, was not having this long absorption pad. This length will surely prevent leakage. From the packing, you will learn about the ingredients. If the polymer is a new thing for you, then I would like to tell you that polymer is a non-toxic powder, which helps a lot to keep moisture away from the skin of the child. 

These were a few plus points for this diaper. Now, let us talk about a few negatives, as well. I am not very happy with the elastic band. The elastic band of this diaper is very tight, in comparison to other diaper options. And, I believe, a wet diaper is going to cause discomfort to the baby. Once wet, this diaper is going to be heavier. Once it gets heavier, it is going to be tighter. The second thing that I disliked is – you won’t see any protection layer to protect your baby from any inconvenience caused by the elastic band. 

This diaper bends downward once wet, hence, the elastic band gets tight. Now, as there is no paper layer that can reduce the inner pressure of that tightness, the child has to deal with related discomfort. These are two things that I disliked. Now, let us test this diaper with (saline) water. For testing, I am using saline water. If you don’t have saline water, you can have it by mixing baking soda and salt into normal tap water. 

Before we test, let me tell you how to change a diaper. Although the procedure is mentioned on the packing, yet, for your assistance, I am briefing it here. To change it, you can either change it like a pant or rip it apart from the sides; like I am doing in the video. You can rip it off very easily. You won’t face any trouble or spillage issues. 

Now, let us start with water testing. Let us see how good the absorption is. Here we go. Let me pour some saline water. Let me turn it upside down. As you can see, there are no water drops on the diaper. The inside surface was completely dry. I can see improvements in this diaper. I used MamyPoko a long time ago. At that time, I faced some wetness issues. However, this is not the case with 2019’s packing. Should you look at the backside of this diaper, you will find it completely dry. No wetness at all. 

As far as the absorption pad’s quality is concerned, I hope you can see that my hand is completely dry. Let us test it one more time. “Now pouring saline water.” You won’t see more than one or two water drops. However, a major portion of the absorption pad is dry. As you can see, my hand is completely dry. Not even a single trace of water. 

I am quite impressed with the improvement, especially regarding the absorption pad. Now, it is much better than earlier versions of this product. However, there is still a negative that I would like to talk about. It becomes heavy once wet. As I said earlier, the diaper is supposed to get heavier and bend down, once wet. Now, as you can see, it is looking heavier. Once wet, it bends downward. And this is surely going to cause discomfort.

This tightness will leave marks on your baby’s skin around his legs. Also, once your baby shows discomfort signs because of the diaper’s heaviness, then you will have to change this diaper every 2 or 3 hours. I am not doubting the absorption quality, but the heaviness is a problem. 

Well, friend, this is it about best diaper for small baby India 2021. Should you have any questions regarding this diaper or parenting, then please feel free to visit our website – Should you want us to review more products, please like to this blog. Your love is a source of our encouragement. Thank you so much.

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