Best Boat Bluetooth Headphones in India

Best Boat Bluetooth Headphones in India

Best Boat Bluetooth Headphones in India

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  • boat signature audio: boat Rockerz 255, while being lightweight in design pumps out your favorite tunes with powerful HD sound and deep bass, therefore it is Best Boat Bluetooth Headphone in India
  • Powered By Qualcomm CSR8635 Chipset: High-Level functionality is provided to the boat Rockerz 255 by the Advanced Qualcomm CSR 8635 Chipset providing the features of the latest Bluetooth 4.1 Version
  • 10 mins charge, 45 mins play: The boat Rockerz 255 are equipped with a 110 mAH battery

Best Boat Bluetooth Headphones in India Review

So I recently got a lot of requests about the Best Boat Bluetooth Headphones in India. So hey what’s going on guys this Kiran here. So here is the boat rocker 255. So a lot of you guys requested to review these earphones. So here we are today. So recently I’ve been trying a lot of products from the boat like the boat bass head 162, boat bass head 152, stone 650 Bluetooth speaker.

At this time I’m trying the boat-rockers 255 which is the best boat Bluetooth headphone India and I have a lot to say about it. And as you can see it has magnetic hooks. And these are pretty strong magnets as you can see. We have this neckband style of earphones. And we have all the buttons to control the media playback like play/pause, change songs, audio control as well. And we might also have an LED indicator.

On the side, we have a micro USB port to charge these earphones. The first thing is the extra ear tips, one small micro USB cable to charge these earphones, some user manuals, product catalogs, and all the paperwork. So that’s pretty much it for the unboxing of the boat-rockers 255 and now let’s move to the review of these earphones.


So first up let’s begin with the design of these earphones. So as they are neckband style of earphones, you have this a very thick cable in the middle with two compartments on the side which contains the inline mic. And at the end of the cable, we have two earbuds hanging at the end. Personally I’m not a big fan of these style of earphones.

As you can see it can make you stand out of the crowd if you’re listening to something like this. But if you don’t mind wearing this. But anyways this is how the earphones look. But as far as the color options go, I have this in black color right here. But you can also get this in green and red as well.


Now for the comfort, the earphones are very comfortable to wear And you can easily wear them all day long. Now the earphones also come with these removable hooks which help them stay where they are. But if you don’t want them then you can also remove them. But with these hooks, you can easily use them for a workout or running. And they won’t fall out easily.


Now moving further let’s talk about the build quality of these earphones. So for the build quality, the boat-rockers 255 seem to be durable earphones. The earphones are made out of metal so it feels very reliable and you can easily trust them. But if you go ahead and check out all the reviews on Amazon a lot of people have complaints about getting these earphones broken in a few days.

Like 10 to 15 days. But a lot of people are loving these earphones so. So for now they’re working great in the past week of my usage. But if any problem arises I will let you know in the comments tab. So make sure you are like to the blog so you won’t miss that out. But for now, I can trust them.


So coming down to the features of these earphones we have Bluetooth 4.2. Which has a decent range of 10 meters? And we also have an IP x5 rating which means it can resist water and splashes. So you can easily use this in your workout and without worrying about water seeping into them. And just like any other earphones, the inline mic on this is just decent.


So next up we have the battery which is 110 milliamp-hour. So it takes you roughly around one and a half hours to charge fully. And after a full charge, you can expect 5 to 6 of playtime. So you need to charge these earphones twice a day if you’re a heavy user.

Sound Quality

So now here’s the climax of this blog which is the sound quality itself. So now let’s talk about it. So the boat-rockers 255 has a 10-millimeter driver. So they produce an excellent frequency response. And at the same time, they are insanely loud. But based on the sound quality I can only recommend these earphones to few people And it is to those people who like to listen to very extra bass like extreme bass.

For example, if you’re that guy who prefers to listen to music in his car with this subwoofer or bass tube. Then you will totally love these earphones. But if you listen to very balanced music then these earphones are not meant for you. And I think 60 to 70 percent of India listen to extreme bass. So that’s why the boat has decided to go, almost with all of their earphones, to keep them at a very heavy bass. So that most of the people here love their products.


So now for the pricing, the earphones are priced at very low price. Which is a very reasonable price by the way. some people got these earphones for a thousand rupees. So make sure to check out the Amazon link down below description. And try your luck in a lightning deal.

But anyways that was today’s blog hope you guys enjoy this and if you did just click the like button below. Share this blog with your friends and I’ll catch you guys in the next one!

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