Best Cleaning Mop For Tile Floors

Best Cleaning Mop For Tile Floors India 2021

  • Content: Prestige Clean home Magic Mop 7 L (Psb 10 ) with 2 Mop Heads and therefore it is best cleaning mop for tile floors India 2021
  • Net Quantity: 1 Unit ; Mop with twin bucket ,Steel rod for easy movement, Drain spout , 360 degree stainless steel spinner, 2 microfiber heads, Solution Dispenser, Floor Usage- Marble, Wooden, Tiles, Mosaic, Granite
  • Capacity: 5 litres; Comes with 2 mop heads; 6 months warranty on product; 360 degree stainless steel spinner
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Best Cleaning Mop For Tile Floors India 2021

Hey guys, this is kiran with the digital services and today let’s check out the best seller spin mop of Prestige Clean Home PSB 10 Plastic Magic Mop it is best cleaning mop for tile floors India 2021 and it is voted Best Seller on Amazon. I bought this mop from Amazon and we have been using this for the past three months. 

The price always vary so please go and check out the links below for the latest price, Mop comes with a handle, a round refill, head a flat a refill head, and a uniquely designed bucket. The handle is lightweight very strong and will last longer and will not rust. It has a locking and unlocking switch which can be used to wipe the floor or rinse the mop. attach all three parts to get the full handle. 

The maximum length of the handle is 125 centimeters. Coming to the round mop head, it can rotate in 360degree which is very flexible to clean the corners and around the furniture. The diameter of the refill is 33-centimeter Fibers used are very high-quality soft fibers compared to normal cotton mop, it absorbs water faster trap dirt dust and hair effectively. the diagonal length of the flat map is 34 centimeters. 

This is a very super-thin mop head and is very easy to reach under furniture You can use this either as a dry or a wet mop. Coming to the bucket, it is uniquely designed. Both rinsing and drying the mop can be done in the same bucket. 

There are three water level markings provided inside it is supported by three rubber cushions at the bottom and a small opening on the top to empty the bucket It comes with a very strong handle as well. Let’s see how much water the fiber can absorb. I am filling this container with 750 ml of water At a time it can absorb around 500ml of water you can see that the container is emptied every few seconds. 

Put the mop inside the bucket and rinse the mop. Mop head is fully rinsed. now pull it upwards wring the mop by pushing it very fast three-four times. look at the cardboard the mop head is absolutely super dry. 

First things first let’s vacuum the floor Fill the bucket with water till the water level marking add the required amount of floor cleaner. Assemble the handle. attach the refill unlock the handle rinse the mop head in water by lifting the handle hop on down in slow-speed lift him up head up and wring(dry spin) it as per our requirement. take out the mop and lock the handle and is ready to use we’ll try to clean the floor which has some fresh peanut butter chili sauce tomato sauce one-week-old vegetable curry and the dirty kitchen floor Lets see the flexibility of the mop. the flat mop is used to wipe flat areas empty the bucket after use. detach the refills once in a month wash both refills.

And the end, my personal experience is that this mop is very good for tile floors and it is available at good price. Hope you like this blog about best cleaning mop for tile floors India 2021 and do visit for more products like this…

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