Best Cockroach Killer in India

Best Cockroach Killer In India 2021

  • Contains: 1 unit of HIT Anti Roach Gel
  • It is best seller on Amazon and in this year it is voted as Best Cockroach Killer in India 2021
  • Gel based cockroach killer
  • Odourless gel bait attracts hidden cockroaches
  • On consumption of the gel, cockroaches go back to their nest and die
  • Other cockroaches that come in contact with those dead cockroaches also die, resulting in elimination of the entire cockroach nest
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Best Cockroach Killer in India 2021

Hello Guys, today we are talking about best cockroach killer in India 2021. So lets start, Hit gel is a high performing, non-repellant bait that targets the most common species of roaches including Indian, American, Australian, Oriental, and Smoky-Brown cockroaches. 

This product is a favorite of both homeowners and pest control operators because it delivers professional results. Made with a chemical that is highly attractive to cockroaches, a roach can consume the bait and then return to its colony, where it will spread the bait to other roaches before it dies. 

One roach that has been exposed to the gel can kill up to 50 additional roaches. This gel effect will begin to control roach infestations in 24 hours. hit gel can be used both indoors and outside, as well as in residential, commercial, industrial, and food handling sites. 

Before applying the gel, fully clean the areas where the gel is to be applied. Be sure to sweep floors, wipe down water areas, place sponges into zip-top bags, pour out water from pet bowls, and dry out sinks at night. The goal is to remove any food or water sources that could compete for the roach’s attention. This will increase the effectiveness of the bait.

To apply the gel, attach the application tip to the bait syringe. Press the button to release gel from the tube. You can also use a hit gel gun for easy application. Apply small dots of gel directly into cracks and holes. These dots should be no larger than half an ounce or inch in diameter, about the size of a small pea. Do not apply the hit gel in long lines or large dots, as roaches have small mouths and will avoid these applications.

And refrain from applying the gel on porous surfaces or where it will be exposed to air currents to prevent the gel from drying out. If you have a heavy infestation, apply three to five dots of gel every 10 linear feet around a room. Apply one to two dots of gel every 10 meter feet for light to moderate roach infestations.

Apply the gel in areas where roaches hide, including inside cupboards and drawers, under beds, in between countertops and cabinets, where cabinets and countertops meet the wall, behind toilets, and where pipes meet walls.

Cockroach gel baits should not be applied to areas with high heat or steam, such as on ovens or in saunas, and you should not apply the gel on surfaces that have already been treated with an insecticide. Roaches will continue to be attracted to the gel for up to 3 months after application but check the application areas weekly and-apply as the gel is consumed. 

Each box of hit gel comes with four 30-gram syringes of bait, a plunger, and two application tips. Make sure to read the full product label carefully to safely and effectively apply hit Gel. And it’s that easy with the expert help from the digital services.

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