Best Landing Pages WordPress Plugin USA 2021

Best Landing Pages WordPress Plugin USA

Best Landing Pages WordPress Plugin USA 2021

  • Design any layout for any theme.
  • 50+ Premium content elements.
  • 100+ Predefined layouts to add in seconds.
  • 200+ Exclusive 3rd party addons.
  • 40+ Unique grid design templates.
  • SEO friendly page building tool.
  • Easily extendable with API.
  • Intuitive drag and drop interface.
  • Lifetime update – free of charge.
  • Professional dedicated support.
  • Multi-language support.
  • Woo Commerce support.
  • Best Landing Pages WordPress Plugin USA 2021.

Topic - Best Landing Pages WordPress Plugin USA 2021

Introduction –

Wp Bakery is one of the oldest and most well-known WordPress page builders out there released back in 2011 the plugin has close to 400,000 sales and powers countless WordPress websites to this day. If you want to use this simple page builder to create advanced pages, here’s our beginner’s guide to the wp bakery page builder.

Settings –

In general settings we have the option to prevent content elements from misbehaving on small screens, select the google font subsets available to content elements, you can also select the default templates for posts and pages using the dropdowns, more options will become available when you save them first.

And when you move on to the role manager section, where you can decide which features are accessible to the roles on your website, if you want to use wp bakery for creating both pages and posts select custom from the drop-down then enable the post option below to make sure all options are either set to enabled or all so that you get access to all the wp bakery features as the administrator, the editor-author and contributor roles have the same settings but you can change them according to your website’s needs.

And over to the design options section, by enabling the custom design options setting you can select the default colors for various wp bakery pages builder elements like hover, post sliders, and separators. You can also set the bottom margins for elements, horizontal spacing between columns, and screen width for mobile screens.

Then custom CSS section where you add custom CSS codes that control the appearance of HTML elements on the web page. And last, the short code mapper can add custom third-party vendor short codes to wp bakery’s content elements.

Layout, Elements, and Templates –

By default the page opens up with the classic WordPress editor, we have backend & frontend editor buttons to access the wp bakery page builder, the backend editor lets you play around with a huge number of elements and templates to build the perfect page while the front-end editor offers a what you see as what you get to experience so you get exactly what you expect.

The layouts for both the backend and front-end editors are almost entirely similar. We have a toolbar at the top of the screen, the plus icon lets us add elements to the page, the gear icon lets us add custom CSS codes to the post, next we have three self-explanatory buttons to add an element, add a text block, and add a template.

We can choose from more than 50 elements like row, single image, video player, wp search, widgetised sidebar, button, separator, faq, custom heading, and more. We can also choose from more than 85-page templates to speed up our page-building process all templates can be imported with a click and are fully editable.

Wp bakery page builder features – 

1. Intuitive Drag and Drop Interface – 

Lightweight, easy to use interface that you and your clients will love. Creating pages and posts is easier than ever. No programming knowledge required!

2. Easily Extendable – 

Third party developers, please join the party! Create your own plugins for WP Bakery Page Builder for your themes, or for sale here on Code Canyon.

3. Template System and Library – 

Copy or re-use existing pages, save pages or parts of pages as templates. Set default templates for your post types. Access Template Library for free downloadable layout templates crafted by web design professionals and updated regularly.

4. Woo Commerce Support –

Running a Woo Commerce powered e-shop? No problem. WP Bakery Page Builder is fully compatible with Woo Commerce. Even better – all of the Woo Commerce short codes are now available in the WP Bakery Page Builder Element Menu, once you have both plugins installed.

5. Video Background – 

Insert YouTube videos into row backgrounds to create dynamic and visually appealing effects. Combine YouTube video background with WP Bakery Page Builder parallax effect.

Building a page with the wp bakery page builder –

Building a page with the wp bakery page builder is simple, for adding an image click the add element button then select a single image, a pop-up shows us that all the options are available for the image, then select the image source from the drop-down and set image, below we have the option to determine the image size, you can either simply type the image sizes like thumbnail, medium, large, full, and other sizes defined by the theme or you can type the size in pixels.

The image settings pop-up has a design options tab as well, where we can assign the width for the padding, border, and margin of the image. The padding is the space between the image and the border, while the margin determines the space between the border and the edge of the page. We can also add a background color or image for our image element.

You can also add another row below the image when you hover over it you’ll notice some options that options help us edit the row and column settings you can click and hold that button to drag and relocate the row that button lets us add columns to the row element.

At the end make sure that the page works on all screen sizes when you’re done click publish and this is how you can easily build your page at a minimum time with the wp bakery page builder. check out for more articles and resources related to WordPress and woo-commerce.

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