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Topic – Best Slider Plugin In WordPress USA 2021

Searching for the best slider plugin in WordPress for your website?

To help you to pick the best WordPress slider that is ideal for your website, I gathered together the most popular and high-rated plugins. In any case, I don’t like to simply repeat the data that is available on the plugin’s marketing page, so I personally went beyond and installed each and every plugin on my test site.

Below, I have shared what each WordPress slider plugin can do. Since this is more of a roundup post, I won’t be able to show you everything for each plugin. Yet, I will attempt to hit every one of the features so you find out about how things work, just as how each plugin offsets convenience with a depth of functionality.

Before the end, my goal is that you’ll know one which of these plugins is ideal for you.

Now, let’s get directly into the best slider plugin in WordPress USA 2021.

1. Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin

Ratings 417,693 -
  • It supports importing slider content from Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Vimeo.
  • Lots of navigation options including thumbnail navigation.
  • Tons of animation options are available, including an option to create your own custom animations.
  • 200+ Elements Object Library.
  • 20+ Powerful Add-Ons Included.
  • Instant Solution At Your Fingertips.
  • Easy, Instant Updates.
  • Helpful Support Team.

With more than 417,000+ sales at the CodeCanyon, Slider Revolution WordPress Plugin is without a doubt one of the most popular slider plugins that you’ll find. It comes with a best visual editor with which you can easily create, and customize sliders in WordPress website. 

Overall, it’s loaded with a huge load of features to help you build your sliders in website. In fact, it is the best and impressive plugin on the list, which is the reason the designer calls it “something other than a WordPress slider”. This plugin is fully responsive so that your sliders will look good on every device including smartphones, desktops, tablets, and notebooks

Another interesting feature is that it is true multi-media support slider, that means you can use videos, images, social media post, as well as WordPress posts. However, this slider plugin has both pros and cons, as Slider Revolution can be feel a bit difficult for beginner users.

2. Kreatura Slider Plugin for WordPress

Ratings 103,271 -
  • 210+ Templates
  • 8 Layout Modes
  • Smart Slider Preloading
  • 19 Built-In Skins
  • 200+ Slide Transitions
  • Self-Hosted Video/Audio
  • Visual Transition Builder
  • Mixed Content Sliders
  • Cutting Edge Technologies
  • Full screen Popup

Kreatura Layer Slider is a popular and one of the best selling slider plugin. It used to be sold through CodeCanyon, where it had racked up over 103,200+ sales and has a great 4.75+ star rating on over 3,100+ reviews. 

It is an more advanced plugin with lots of powerful options that let you to create sliders, galleries, image with effects, blocks, animated landing pages, and etc. Similar to Slider Revolution, Kreatura Slider plugin also has its own drag and drop feature for building sliders. So, when you will start using it, you may need to spend a few hours or we can say few days to learning its interface correctly.

The strength of the Kreatura plugin is that it lets you to add a variety of animations and transitions in your sliders. It’s top feature is that it has pre-selection of 120+ sliders and 90+ popup templates. You can use this for your website sliders or else you can also use it for your personal needs, professional business websites, presentation of your work, etc.

3. Master Slider - Touch Layer Slider WordPress Plugin

Ratings 29,000 -
  • Fully Responsive
  • Touch Swipe Navigation
  • Animated Layers
  • Templates & Ready to use Samples
  • 6 Interactive Transitions
  • Smart Preloading
  • Video Support
  • Flickr Plugin Available
  • SEO Friendly
  • Fully Customizable

Master Slider is a popular premium slider that’s available at CodeCanyon.

Its best selling because of its touch. That is, users on devices with touch screens can navigate the slider with smooth swipes with the help of his fingertips. In fact, many of the other sliders also support touch navigation but Master Slider makes it because it majorly focuses on their slider.

Master Slider plugin was created using WordPress’ best practices for both the front end and back end and it works with any WordPress theme that you want. Currently, Master Slider plugin has over 29,000+ sales at CodeCanyon and has maintained a 4.57+ star rating on over 800+ reviews.

4. Royal Slider - Touch Content Slider for WordPress

Ratings 2,975 -
  • YouTube and Vimeo videos in slide
  • Smart lazy-loading — preloads nearby images.
  • Move or fade transition for slides.
  • SEO optimized, even lazy-loaded images are indexed by search engines.
  • Vertical or horizontal thumbnails, bullets or tabs for navigation.
  • Responsive layout down to mobile.
  • Image and/or HTML content for each slide.
  • Multiple sliders per page is allowed, even with different skins.
  • Smart autoplay that pauses on hover and stops at first user action.

Royal Slider is one more top-selling slider plugin on the Code Canyon website. It has every one of the standard feature that you’ll have to make sliders for WordPress website.

Royal Slider focuses on a natural and better execution. It allows you to make touch-friendly and responsive sliders for simple navigation. It has a lazy-loading option to assist you to improve your page speed. Besides, it’s advanced for SEO.

With Royal Slider, you can easily connect your Instagram and Flickr photos into your WordPress sliders. Likewise, it supports YouTube and Vimeo recordings for building additional drawing in sliders.

5. Transition Slider - Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin

Ratings 435 -
  • Next-Gen Transitions.
  • Easy to use.
  • Visual slide design interface.
  • Slider Templates.
  • Animated Layers.
  • Mobile and Tablet Settings.
  • Draggable Slides.
  • Lazy Loading.
  • High Performance.

Transition Slider plugin is a popular slider plugin that is listed at both (for its free version) and CodeCanyon (for its premium version). The free version works out for the basic functions of sliders but the premium version gets more advanced and developed features and templates.

It offers a pleasant balance of having a basic and easy-to-use interface, while still allows you to add custom slides to your slides, images, including text, and buttons.

This makes it an easy option for individuals who do need that additional flexibility.

We hope this blog post about Best Slider Plugin In WordPress USA 2021 had helped you to find the best WordPress slider plugin. And for more products like Themes and Pugin do visit I’ll see you in the next blog, till then by…

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