Appointment Booking Software WordPress USA 2021

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  • Fully customizable booking form that can be used on any device.
  • Filterable, sortable, and searchable booking list that you can print or export to CSV.
  • An unlimited number of Staff Members with individual working schedules, prices, and the ability to manage their profiles and online booking calendar.
  • Various templates for customizable Email and SMS notifications.
  • 2-way synchronization between Bookly Calendar and Google Calendar which automatically reflects all updates in Bookly in your Google Calendar.
  • Built-in analytics with booking statistics.
  • WooCommerce compatibility.
  • Multi-language support – 12 languages included.
  • Six months of 24/7 online customer support.
  • Appointment Booking Software WordPress USA 2021
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Topic – Appointment Booking Software WordPress USA 2021

Today we’re going to take a look at the Best Appointment Booking Software WordPress USA 2021 and it is bookly pro the appointment booking and scheduling plugin for WordPress, now bookly makes it possible for your customers to easily book scheduled and pay for your services directly through your WordPress website without having to contact you or any of your staff until it’s actually time for their appointment.

Bookly Pro is a paid plugin and is available to purchase at code Canyon net and we have inserted the link in the blog for your convenience after the bookly pro plugin has been installed you will see a bookly menu on your WordPress admin sidebar menu.

Basic Settings –

let’s do a quick walkthrough of the initial setup process of the bookly pro and then after that, we’ll take a look at the main features in the action book. firstly, adding a new staff member is actually pretty simple first choose a WordPress user from the drop-down menu and add their full name not all staff members have to be registered as WordPress users but if they are not then they will not be able to actually access the personal calendar that’s built in to book. once you save the staff member’s name you’ll be able to add more personal details for that staff member such as a profile photo, email address, a phone number, and a bio or other info related to them.

you also have the option to make this staff member private if you don’t want them to be visible to your customers and if you choose to integrate bookly pro with Google Calendar you can choose whether or not you want to have this staff members data synchronized after you’ve filled out the detail section. you can add which services this staff member is responsible for but will add this from the services section in a minute their schedule and their days off.

okay now lets out a service you can organize your services into categories and adding a category is actually really simple as typing in the category name and clicking save then after to add a service you add the name of the service in the title field and then fill out the rest of the details. you can color-code each service which can come in quite handy for organization your other service options are duration, which is how much time is required to perform the service padding time which allows you extra time before and after each appointment if needed, which I found extremely helpful.

let’s now go through what the booking page looks like for our customers, in order for us to see the booking form we have to add it to a page with a shortcode. for example, we have to create a new page, type any name of your page, add a bookly shortcode to your page, and save the page and after we will see there are five steps to book a schedule and pay for a service.

first, the customer would choose the category, the service, and the specific employee and then they choose a specific day and time slot. After that, they fill in their details name phone number, email, and any notes they want to add on the payment options are next, and once this is done the appointment has actually been made it has been added to your calendar and the customer has also been sent an email confirming of their order.

let’s take a quick tour at the different ways we can customize this form to suit your business model if you go to the dashboard under the bookly menu and choose the appearance you’re able to highly customize that form to suit your needs it’s really easy to change the color of the form elements you can change the headings to whatever you want at every step you can also change the text output including the ability to add different shortcodes that will pull different types of data into your form’s text during each step.

Payment Setting –

Now that the form is set up and running let’s take a look at the main settings where you can add payment options, business hours, and other really helpful customizations under the bookly menu, go to settings let’s quickly go through all the options, under the general tab you mostly have a list of URL options if you want to create custom pages for specific interactions with customers, then the company tab is where you will fill out your company’s profile information, the customers tab this tab gives you a few options like automatically adding a customer as a WordPress user and what action to take when a customer cancels an appointment.

If you want to sync your appointments with Google Calendar you can actually do that you also have the option to integrate WooCommerce which is a very popular shopping cart plugin for WordPress that would be very helpful if you wanted your customers to be able to book several services at once, then you have the payments tab where you have many options including PayPal authorize, net stripe and a couple of other, and then at the end, you can set specific business hours on various holidays and etc.

okay let’s quickly run through the rest of the bookly pro menu starting with the calendar view, the calendar view allows you to see all appointments by choosing an individual staff member or all of the staff together you can view today’s appointments or you can toggle the view by choosing month, week or day as you want. And then you can see a list of all appointments and specify you want, you can add an appointment manually and you can export a spreadsheet of your appointments, you also can view a searchable list of customers.

Then there is the email notifications tab, remember above I have mentioned that the customer would get an email confirmation well in this section you can customize the emails that are automatically sent to customers and staff regarding new appointments and cancellations you can even set reminder emails and if the email is not enough for you can actually register to use bookly SMS and send customers and staff text messages.

As well you can view a customized list of payments made through bookly if you need your customers to include extra information with their orders bookly allows you to add extra custom fields including text areas, checkboxes, drop-down choices and there’s even a CAPTCHA and finally now that your services are all ready for your customers you can help promote your business by adding a coupon code that will give a discount to anyone who actually enters it in.

So this was for bookly pro plugin and blog about Best Appointment Booking Software WordPress USA 2021, In the end in my opinion bookly pro plugin is an awesome booking and scheduling solution for your business not only is it super easy to set up and customize even for a beginner WordPress user but it actually integrates seamlessly to provide your customers with an extremely fast and clear booking process if you like this blog then please do visit for more similar products…