Best Image Slider Plugin WordPress USA 2021

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  • Best Image Slider Plugin WordPress USA 2021
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Topic – Best Image Slider Plugin WordPress USA 2021

Today we are reviewing the Best Image Slider Plugin WordPress USA 2021. WordPress image slider revolution plugin is a new way to build rich and dynamic content for your websites, you can create modern designs in no time, layers can easily be customized to your liking just drag and adjust the size & many more, the average star rating of this plugin is 4.75 out of 5 which means that has an excellent rating and many of its customers are really happy with this plugin.

So we can quickly check some of the features of this plugin, one other thing I wanted to highlight is the fact that it’s fully responsive, so when you change the screen size simultaneously the slider will change its size accordingly and therefore this is very handy on mobile devices like mobile phones, tabs, and other tablets it will display very nicely that’s the responsive feature of slider revolution.

Slider Revolution Some Features –


Our goal is to deliver the ultimate experience to our loyal users. Version 6 of the Slider Revolution WordPress Builder has an optimized editor with all options categorized intuitively, so you can work faster.

  • Better usability
  • Work faster & more efficiently
  • Eye friendly dark user interface
  • Improved loading times


Instead of only allowing layer in/out animations, the Slider Revolution WordPress Builder has the ability to add multiple animation steps to each layer animation.

  • Easy to understand the structure
  • In-depth animation settings
  • New easing types
  • Animation presets


Our completely revamped support center is designed to deliver the solution you are looking for with maximum efficiency.

  • Comprehensive FAQ
  • Detailed & structured documentation
  • Growing video tutorial list
  • Constantly updated content


One-click of a button will update the Slider Revolution WordPress Builder to the latest available version, directly from our update servers.

  • The fastest way to update
  • Be the first to receive updates
  • System requirements analysis
  • Constantly updated content


To get you started, we provide a large library of beautiful templates. Increase efficiency and project quality without coding knowledge.

  • The right template for every occasion
  • From simple headers to full websites
  • Special FX templates with add-ons
  • New templates added regularly


Our library of royalty-free media assets offers something for every need. Just point, click, and publish your new content.

  • Assorted background images
  • HTML5 Videos
  • Object PNGs
  • Font Icons & SVGs
  • Premade Layer Groups & many more…


You can also have a full-width slider, so it will scan across from left-right of the whole screen and you can also of course have a fixed slider it’s like there where you enter the number of pixels of width you want for the slider, then you have the layering feature, layering is actually one of the coolest features of this plugin it’s really easy to create layers.

alright, so it’s now time to take a look at the way the revolution slider actually works. The first thing to do is create a new slider, so we need the slider title and the shortcode that will need to use on our page so copy that and paste it within the revolution slider page. Then you can choose the slider type whether it’s fixed responsive or full width if it’s fixed you can choose of course the slider width and height, you will also get a number of settings on the right-hand side and the nice thing is that the screen is not cluttered at all you have all options and they just drop down depending on what kind of option you want.

So that’s it when we created our slider and next thing is to insert some slides, so there’s the add slides button when you hit that you will see many slides options so upload some slides so new slide, back on the admin screen I would also want to highlight the fact that you can also easily delete and duplicate sliders plus you will get a handy short-code reminder and the Handy preview button which opens a pop up where you can see in the slide there in action.

Now as regards slide things get interesting when we click the Edit slide button and you will get a very nice interface, where you can actually change all the settings pertaining to a particular slide, so you can change the transitions, you can even unpublish, you can change the number of slots the box divides into, and rotations, there are all transition-related settings. And of course the transition duration there’s a delay option, so the delay means how long the image is going to be visible before the next slide comes in and you can also enable a link.

we can also enable full-width video in that case you can use your YouTube video or even Vimeo, you can also choose a thumbnail for your video. Now the interesting feature is that slider revolution is very good at creating layers on a slider so you can add a text layer, an image layer, or a video layer and there are many other options…

Conclusion –

With that overview of the layers functionality in the slider revolution, we come out to the end of this review about Best Image Slider Plugin WordPress USA 2021, and as I said earlier it’s a very nice plugin to use so you will get no problems while using it, whatsoever it’s very user-friendly and as you can imagine all the previous purchasers weren’t false and you know 5-star rating says all but I can also add my recommendation for this plugin it’s a really well-made plugin and it’s highly recommended. For more similar products like this do visit