Best WordPress Automatic Plugin USA 2021

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  • Auto-post from any website to WordPress
  • Auto-post Amazon products to WordPress
  • Auto-post eBay products to WordPress
  • Auto-post ClickBank products to WordPress
  • Auto-post from Envato to WordPress
  • Auto-post from Facebook to WordPress
  • Auto-post from Twitter to WordPress
  • Auto-post from Instagram to WordPress
  • Auto-post from Pinterest to WordPress
  • Auto-post Youtube videos to WordPress
  • Best WordPress Automatic Plugin USA 2021
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Topic – Best WordPress Automatic Plugin USA 2021

Today we are reviewing the best WordPress automatic plugin usa. It is basically a plugin for WordPress that will automatically build a site for you including generating content by RSS feeds or from other website sources even amazon products you can automatically grab amazon products based on any keywords or a category and then you can do the same for eBay, Walmart, and all these other sources.

So these are content sources which you can grab individually and then or mix and match content or use them all on your website and there’s a lot of sources, so this plugin is very jam-packed filled with so many features like automatic content generated on a daily basis on an hourly basis whatever you want to set to.

WordPress Automatic Plugin posts from almost any website to WordPress automatically.

It can import from popular sites like Youtube and Twitter utilizing their APIs or from almost any website of your choice using its scraping modules

Top Features –

Auto-post content – the plugin can check your specified feeds regularly & post every new feed item as a new post.

Fetch full content from summary feeds – WordPress automatic can convert truncated feeds to full content posts with a big success ratio.

Extract specific parts of original feeds posts – WordPress automatic can extract two specified parts of the original post by CSS id/class, XPath, or REGEX and connect them to your post WordPress posts.

Search and replace – The plugin can search extracted content for any text/area and replace it with specified text.

Original time posts – WordPress automatically can set the post created at WordPress to the same time the post was created at the feed.

Extract Categories – The plugin can set the created post categories to the same categories as the original posts.

Extract original tags – WordPress automatically can extract tags from the original post using CSS id/class and set them as tags at the created post.

Extract original author – WordPress automatic can extract the author name from the original post and assign as at the created post as the author if exists or will create it if not exists.

Skip posts with no content – The plugin can verify the extracted content and skip posts if it has not content.

Skip non-English posts – WordPress automatic has the option to set the post status as pending if it suspects that it is not written in English.

Skip posts without images – The plugin has the option to check the extracted content and skip if it does not contain images.

Post oldest items first – WordPress automatic has the option to post older items first, By default, it posts the newest items first.

Decode HTML entities – WordPress automatic has the option to decode HTML entities of the extracted content/title.

Convert encoding before posting – The plugin has the option to convert extracted content encoding from any specific encoding to utf-8 to be compatible with WordPress.

Duplicate title skip – The plugin can verify that there is no previous posted post with the same title.

Featured image from Facebook image tag – The plugin can extract the image used for Facebook as a thumbnail to set it as a featured image and many more…

So that’s the idea is it possible to generate automatic income automatic content automatic traffic by using WordPress automatic plugin. okay so once you make your purchase, you log into your account at codecanyon and again I’ll leave a link for you guys to check out the plugin and after you make your purchase you locate the product WordPress automatic plugin.

I have my own site that I have set up with a wp automatic plugin and then generate automated content relating to weight loss, like weight loss videos, tips, tricks, pictures, and then been promoting amazon affiliate products and Clickbank products. When the plugin is installed successfully, activate the plugin then add your purchase code.

After that save all the right settings, okay so let’s talk about what the front page is all about, so it pretty much contains all the sources that you can set up and use for your blog. so we have amazon sources, eBay sources and etc but you don’t have to use every single option for one post, you can choose to use every one of them for a separate one if you want, and even spinning options is there and you can also use a proxy, so we have a lot of options.

Overall that’s how it works pretty easy to set up the wp automatic plugin, I like this plugin and therefore I will build another site and run it for several months automatically and I’ll just leave it alone and then see an update on how that works to see how much traffic and potentially any affiliate commissions I make and I will update you guys on that so be sure to re-visit to my site.

So this was a blog about Best WordPress Automatic Plugin USA 2021, Hope you like reading it, and so do visit for more similar products.