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Topic – Best WordPress Theme Builder USA 2021

what’s up everybody, my name is Kiran in this blog about Best WordPress Theme Builder USA 2021, we’re gonna talk about the Avada theme, so Avada is one of my favorites from three themes for WordPress the other two are themes Flatsome and the bridge theme but in this blog, we’re going to take a high-level overview of Avada what is it like to when you’re creating a blog post, what’s the Builder’s leg, how do you design with it knows all those little details just to give you an idea of what it’s like on the back end because you can get an idea about like what is it actually like once you install it and you’re actually using the theme.

So I’m going to keep this blog short and sweet and to the point, the goal of this blog again is just to help you make a purchase decision this blog is perfect for if you’re looking at Avada theme or the Tippie theme or maybe themify ultra or maybe Astra and Elementor and you’re just not sure like what to pick, you want to know like what an Avada is like that’s the goal of this blog about Best Selling WordPress Theme USA 2021.

So when you get set up and install an Avada you’re gonna have a page where you can install demo content now the registration process is a little bit involved you have to go through and get a coop you have to get a key and then verify your key through ThemeForest so the Pro and kind of about Avada is that you get updates for life but you can only install the Avada theme on one website at a time.

Whereas with the Divi theme and the ultra theme for example you can with a yearly purchase you can install on as many websites as you want so it really that comes down to that the purchase decision comes down to you so like if you’re making websites for people, for example, you probably want to go with like themify ultras because then you could like install your theme on multiple websites for clients and what not but with Avada, it’s only one theme at a time but you get lifetime updates so take that into consideration.

Now when you install Avada you have to go through the process to install the theme and then you have to install fusion builder in the fusion slider, you can install whatever you want. what I like about Avada is that it gives you granular control over like you can choose what items you want to install or not install anything this is good because with a fresh install of WordPress

You want to install all post pages portfolios you install the whole demo content then you have a demo website you can jump in and start customizing and editing, yeah that’s gonna take a little bit of time to edit but like you basically have a website that’s completely done then you just have to edit the content delete images that you don’t want to delete blog posts that you want that sort of thing but if you already have an established website then I highly recommend not doing this because it’s just gonna be such a headache to go through and delete all the random blog posts and pages that are automatically imported.

So again demo content is excellent if you have a brand new website and you just want to install a demo theme and start customizing it but if you already have an established website you’re gonna want to be careful you’re gonna want to basically learn how to use them in a theme editor.

And the good thing about the fusion builder is that it’s a modern page building plug-in and it gives you again all access to all of these blocks so you can really make like a nice you can change the layout of a blog post with ease and you can also add really fun interesting elements as you want. okay so it’s like I personally prefer Gutenberg but the fusion builder is quite nice and also they have the fusion builder live mode.

The big selling point now with Avada is that they have a nice front-end page builder so for each individual blog post to click on the front-end page builder. now if you just take the home page there is fusion builder live at the top you can just simply click on that and the fusion builder live again turns on and then you have full access to all the different controls over your theme.

Now again like I said this is quite a learning curve I mean if this I’m not gonna lie to you like this will take some time this will take you like an hour so to like really figure out maybe three hours or four hours but maybe even a day just sitting down being like okay how do I edit stuff but that’s what I like. so the advantage of Avada is that you can really customize a lovely-looking homepage and then you have really granular control over each individual blog post as you want, also it comes with a lot of different other features as well you have the fusion slider and it also comes with different options to change like the font, color, and typography.

So you have a lot of control over the look and feel of your website so you know that’s good and bad like it’s bad because it’s kind of a learning curve but it’s good because you have full control and if you’re willing to learn how to use about it you can create a really nice-looking website.

So anyways guys that is it for this blog about Best WordPress Theme Builder USA 2021, if you have enjoyed it reading then plz check out my other products too…