What is WordPress Hosting ?

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What exactly is WordPress hosting?

In its simplest terms, WordPress hosting is just hosting which was optimized so that it can better suit WordPress security and performance requirements. The majority of hosts also offer one-click WordPress installations making it easy to begin using WordPress. Additionally, some WordPress hosts even automate upgrading your WordPress software when needed.

There are two primary kinds of WordPress hosting: WordPress hosting which is shared hosting as well as managed WordPress hosting. I’ll explain each in greater detail in the following paragraphs.

Do you require hosting in order to run WordPress?

No. WordPress’s minimal requirements are pretty low. All you require is hosting on a server that runs PHP versions 5.2.4 or greater and MySQL 5.0.15 or greater for running WordPress. In simple English what this means is that all hosts are technically capable of running WordPress.

However, this doesn’t mean that every host is equal when it comes to operating WordPress. Technically, eating Soylent Green throughout your life will give you all the nutrients you require to live your life to the fullest. However, that doesn’t mean it’s the most effective recipe for happiness!

If you’re looking to go further than “hosting a WordPress site” high-quality hosting will allow you to manage WordPress better.

Examining what exactly is hosting and our sister website, CodeInWP, ran a survey of WordPress owners and discovered that site owners who hosted on WordPress-optimized hosting sites reported higher satisfaction overall with their host in several indicators.

What has been the shared hosting?

As I said there are two kinds of hosting when you web search:

The Shared hosting (often simply shortened to “WordPress hosting”)

Managed hosting

Shared hosting is generally more affordable than the other alternatives.

When you use shared hosting services, your website is able to “share” a server with other websites. Your server will still be performance-optimized for WordPress, you just won’t have it all to yourself.

Alongside the tweaks to performance as well as performance tweaks, you’ll also have access to an easy-to-use WordPress installer. This isn’t really an issue since cPanel (available for all hosts) already comes with the one-click WordPress installer. However certain shared WordPress hosts will take it a step further, and offer the option of installing WordPress.

Additionally, some WordPress hosts offer to automatically update the version of your WordPress software. Sometimes, they’ll even update your plugins and themes as well! Making sure that you keep your WordPress website up-to-date is an essential security step which is why this feature is very vital.

There are shared WordPress hosts that provide more WordPress-specific functions, but the above is basically the standard.

Shared WordPress hosts typically provide steep discounts on the initial billing period. After that, prices increase back to the normal price. In your very first cycle of billing, anticipate paying as little to $3-4 per calendar month. After the first month, you’ll pay between $7-10. Keep in mind that these are only beginning prices. Higher-end shared WordPress plans are more expensive.

The typical cost for hosting is shared hosting

What exactly is the management of hosting?

In the event that you share that hosting is a clean 3-star hotel, run by a professional, hosting could be described as a five-star resort that has beachfront views.

Apart from everything offered by shared hosting managed hosting usually provides:

More speed. Managed hosting simply provides more powerful hardware specifications and a faster WordPress website.

Server-side caching. Caching is among the main ways to speed up the performance of your WordPress website. It is common to require a plugin for the issue, however, managed WordPress hosts provide more efficient caching without any effort on your side.

Improved security. WordPress-specific firewalls will be available along with regular intrusion detection and malware scans. This means an extremely secure WordPress website.

Staging websites. Many managed hosts have staging websites that allow users to test any changes to your site prior to you going live.

What’s the problem? managed hosting costs more. With the exception of SiteGround and Flywheel typically, you’ll be paying between $25 and plus per month for high-quality controlled hosting.

Do you prefer either managed or shared hosting?

The usual advice says that novices should pick affordable shared hosting, and sites with high traffic should select hosted hosting. It is generally my opinion this assessment, however, I believe it is missing one point:

It’s all about time.

If you’re new to WordPress It’s easy to be overwhelmed with tasks like setting caching settings and keeping up-to-date with updates. If you choose controlled hosting services, you won’t need to worry about anything.

Yes, you’re paying more. However, that means that you will manage less time to monitor your website’s performance. Would you be willing to pay $15 per month to eliminate three hours of hitting on the walls to figure out how to optimize the caching plugin on your website? I’m sure I would.

If budget is your main goal, then do not hesitate to opt for shared WordPress hosting for beginners. Be aware that at a lower cost you’re missing out on the concierge services provided through the managed WordPress hosts.

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