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What is WordPress Theme

A WordPress theme can be a way to alter the layout and style of your site. Themes can alter the look of your website, including the layout as well as typography, color as well as other elements of design.

The theme is a compressed folder that contains a collection of files. It includes the templates for pages that are written using PHP. PHP programming language and some CSS stylesheets.

When you create your first WordPress website it will come with a default theme. You can alter the theme within WordPress to meet your requirements and your industry.

Selecting the best theme will enhance your website’s appearance and easier to navigate and boost engagement with your customers.

What Is Theme in WordPress?

What Is a WordPress Theme and How Does It Work?

The theme can be described as a collection of files that function to design the layout of your website. The theme contains style-setters, template files images, stylesheets, and perhaps JavaScript files. These files alter the way your blog posts or pages are displayed.

The change in your theme doesn’t mean changing the content of your blog page that users, or any other data that is stored within your database. Your theme simply alters how your information is displayed to the visitors of your website.

There are thousands of premium and free WordPress themes that are available to choose from.

The themes for free can be downloaded via the WordPress directory. You can also buy premium themes that include additional features, from developers who are the third parties. You can also create your own custom themes to create an original web style.

WordPress Theme and Template What’s the difference?

The words WordPress template and theme WordPress template are often confusing to beginners.

The template files comprise the theme, as are other kinds of files such as scripts, stylesheets, and images. It is not possible to install templates in isolation. They are used in conjunction with the other files included in the WordPress theme to alter the design of your website.

Template files only control the content of an entire page. For instance, in the majority of themes, there are distinct templates for your website’s header footer, sidebars, footer comments, and many more sections. Template files assist in deciding what information is displayed as well as the layout of every page.

WordPress utilizes an order of templates that determines the template that is employed for each area or for which page. Take a look at our visual explanation of the WordPress template structure.

Which Are the Most Popular WordPress Themes?

The first thing to consider when you are preparing to build your WordPress website is the theme.

It’s a good idea to select the right theme that not only offers the style and features you’re looking for but also is continuously maintained and regularly updated.

The most well-known and loved themes for download include:

Divi: A multi-purpose template developed by Elegant Themes which can be customized with an easy drag-and-drop editor

Astra: A theme that you can customize that has pre-designed demos that you can start in a matter of minutes

Genesis by StudioPress Genesis by StudioPress: A simple and quick theme framework can be styled using child themes

OceanWP The OceanWP theme is an easy-to-use and customizable theme that’s 100% free and perfect for novices

Each of these themes is simple to use and well-supported. They also have many stunning designs.

They’re also multi-purpose themes. This means they’re ideal for any kind of website. They can be used for personal blogs, corporate websites, eCommerce sites, and much more.

To find more themes to pick from, check out our carefully-chosen list of most versatile WordPress themes.

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How to Install a WordPress Theme

In order to make your site look exactly how you like you want, you’ll have to install your selected theme onto your website.

Three ways you can install the theme: pick among the WordPress themes directory. Upload a premium or custom theme, or upload an entirely new theme by using FTP.

If you require assistance in installing a theme, we’ve created a step-by-step tutorial for installing the theme.

How to Search Which Theme a Website is Using

There are times when you’ll see the design of a website that you like and might want to know the design they’re employing.

It’s a relief to find out the theme your website uses with our WordPress theme detection tool.

Simply type in the name of the website and then click Analyze Website.

Enter the URL of the site you’d like to research

WPBeginner will immediately display the theme and also the WordPress hosting service that the site uses.

The Theme Detector in action and decoding Divi theme. Divi theme

How to Create Your Own Custom Theme

The cost of hiring a web designer to develop a custom-designed theme could cost you hundreds of dollars. The process of creating your own website with PHP, HTML, CSS as well as JavaScript codes can prove tiring and stressful.

WordPress is loaded with drag-and-drop page builders that aid you in creating unique page layouts.

One of them is Beaver Builder which comes with a Beaver Themer addon that allows users to build customized themes with no code.

That’s it! We hope that this article has will help you understand themes and the way they function. Take a look at the additional information below to get more information.

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